Reusable industrial packaging in Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) and Expanded Polyethylene (EPE)

During the cycle of industrial production, components of a product are subject to displacement, transportation and storage. Often parts pass from one sub-supplier to another for the various assembly and completion phases with other components (electrical, electronic, mechanical, etc.) that contribute to the setting up of the finished product.
All this requires the use of packaging that – in addition to transport and protection functions – is designed to accommodate the product itself in the various processing stages

Iltar-Italbox has consolidated over the years a significant experience in the design and manufacture of reusable expanded polypropylene and expanded polyethylene packaging for the containment and transportation of components and assemblies.

The particular characteristics of the used materials allows the design and manufacture of reusable packaging systems that respond specifically to customer needs.

Furthermore, the possibility of co-molding with other materials also offers greater rigidity and robustness to packaging.