At customer service
Iltar-Italbox places the customer at the center of attention: a strategic choice that translates into a range of services that support the customer over the production process, from design to accurate logistics management, such as, for example, the punctual delivery of the finished product.
With this philosophy, Iltar-Italbox has achieved a true vertical integration of the production process in order to guarantee to the customer, in addition to a high qualitative and quantitative standard of production, the control and containment of production times.

In addition to the production department, the process is attended by:

  • An internal CAD / CAM design office
    The design team is able to develop a design of the components to be molded that adheres to the specific needs of the customer. Iltar-Italbox designers are accustomed to close collaboration with the customer (co-design). The same office also processes mold mathematics, ensuring a precise design of the molds.
  • The prototype laboratory
    The close collaboration between the design office and the internal workshop allows the realization of prototypes in expanded polystyrene as well as in expanded polypropylene in very short times.
  • The internal workshop
    The area – specifically equipped – is able to build molds and check gauges when the particular requirements of the customer so require (reduced timing, particular complexity, confidentiality).  
  • Logistic support
    The Iltar-Italbox logistics services offer the customer, also through EDI connections, transport solutions, delivery, pick up and storage of the produced components.